What a World–Memoirs of a Hypersensitive (with Halloween Humor)


The last two years have provided me with about the best material I can hope for to write an autobiographical testimony of my faith.  I have started the project, but I don’t believe that the time has come to complete it.  I don’t want to disclose details here, but the story will encompass a chain reaction of terribly painful and frightening events in my life, beginning in 2012, which literally transformed me as a human being.

Update: as of spring, 2017, I am approximately one-third of the way through this memoir.  The first third focuses on my childhood, the second, on my adolescence and youth, and the third, on my young adulthood into early middle-age and the events which I mentioned above, which inspired me to write it.

I would rather write fiction than pretty much anything else, because it’s flat-out more fun.  I have total creative freedom in telling the story and making things happen as I choose; it would not be going too far to say that I am the god of the enterprise.  With nonfiction, there are facts to take into account all along the way, and with memoir, there is the disadvantage of painful memories which must be dredged up along with the positive.  It has been hard-going at times, and emotionally draining, but also incredibly powerful and therapeutic.  And when I reread certain passages, I feel drawn in just as irresistibly as with make-believe, perhaps even more so.

Trademarks of my own particular story are the theme of redemption, and the “Halloween Humor” of the title, which is basically dark, sardonic humor in the face of adversity, which runs throughout the narrative.

Future plans for WAW…to take as much time as necessary to do the best job I can with it, and then to share it with as many others who have been through what I have as possible.


Snapshots—A Family Memoir


In 2004, I wrote a collection of essays describing the members of my immediate family, and my childhood memories of them.  I gave the collection out that year as a Christmas gift, and it was a huge hit.  It is available here.


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