Next Project Finalized

I’ve been really bored lately, which is probably why I’ve been really grumpy, too.  March has been a month of more prewriting and editing existing projects, and I feel ready to begin a fresh challenge, which will come in April.  I’ve settled on a story I roughed out last fall, titled “Response”.  I’m going to tell it in the format of a silent movie, with a combination of my own pen-and-ink artwork and photography of miniatures, and some stock photography to round it out.  The story itself will be different from anything I’ve ever done before.  I’m not much of a philosopher, but I had the idea to create a sort of morality play around the concept of evil in the world, and various responses to it–hence the title.  Four characters will each symbolize a particular response…cowering, fighting, ignoring, and joining.  Evil in the abstract will be symbolized by a sculpture in the art museum where the story is set, and around which the action revolves.  I think it could be pretty cool if it turns out.

Other than that, I’m just plugging along on the prewriting for Julian Mumford Mysteries  and Closing Night, as well as working on the essays for What a World, What a World.  Revisiting your past is exhausting (and depressing).  I never would have believed how much so.  I also just sent the manuscript for WeeWee and Somebody to a local proofreader for a once-over before I do my final edit and send it out to a couple of the agents/publishers I researched last year.



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My three greatest inspirations as an artist are, in no particular order, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Alfred Hitchcock. Their films and their personal lives were the reason I started writing and creating back when I was a very lonely and misunderstood teenager. I am at present commencing to hammer out a career-primary or secondary-as an author/illustrator. I already have several books self-published and I've included links to where those are available. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by RetroMan

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