Just completed my latest work–a graphic novel composed of stock photography and silhouette sketches, set in Victorian England and reminiscent of the case of Jack the Ripper.  This was supposed to be a quick and easy project…that is, after all, the purpose of Boredom Productions…to accomplish something creative without investing too much time or effort.  Well, it didn’t turn out that way exactly, because I had all kinds of problems with the bloody formatting when I tried to publish it through the first time, and I wound up having to redo the damn thing completely.  But it’s pretty cool for all that, and entertaining, and it represents all the things I admire in cinema, literature, and art, and that’s the way it should be.  This is the promotional trailer…

This is only the first segment of the story; I will be publishing subsequent episodes in the future.  It is available for purchase here.


About RetroMan

My three greatest inspirations as an artist are, in no particular order, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Alfred Hitchcock. Their films and their personal lives were the reason I started writing and creating back when I was a very lonely and misunderstood teenager. I am at present commencing to hammer out a career-primary or secondary-as an author/illustrator. I already have several books self-published and I've included links to where those are available. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by RetroMan

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