Wrapping Them Up

My three current writing/art projects are nearing the finish line rapidly.  Grymwyck-The Sojourn Begins will be published through lulu.com in September…the manuscript for WeeWee and Somebody will be sent to some publishers around the same time…Echo Forest, exhausting as it is to work on, considering its subject matter, is proceeding smoothly toward its intense, albeit uplifting, conclusion.  And I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I’m tired.  I’m seriously tired.  I know it was my own bright idea to map out four or five projects at once to work on in succession…that business about my next “writing season”…but I won’t make that mistake again.  It’s just too much.  From here on out…one project at a time.  I don’t multitask well. 

On a side note…I want to also say that I don’t do any of this work for profit.  Since beginning this journey of self-expression and exploration through creative writing and such, I’ve learned some hard truths about publishing and marketing, and for anyone who wants to write novels, graphic novels, picture books–you name it–the only advice I have to offer is this: do it for love.  Chances are good that you won’t be doing it for anything else.  But it just so happens that doing it for love is enough for me…it fulfills me, gives me something to think about, and keeps the wolves away, so I have no intention of giving up. 

I did hear back from an Amazon.com reviewer whom I contacted many months ago about reviewing Dot’s Journey…he agreed to do it, and so I’ll be sending him a copy of the book this week.  Still waiting on the review in the Baum Bugle…but my play Below the Surface is still on for production at NCP in February…

One inch at a time…one inch at a time…


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My three greatest inspirations as an artist are, in no particular order, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Alfred Hitchcock. Their films and their personal lives were the reason I started writing and creating back when I was a very lonely and misunderstood teenager. I am at present commencing to hammer out a career-primary or secondary-as an author/illustrator. I already have several books self-published and I've included links to where those are available. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by RetroMan

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