ECHO FOREST Off to a Smooth Start

I’ve looked forward to this project with both a certain amount of anticipation and dread.  I mean, my inspiration for it was only one of the most horrific child abuse cases–that of Sylvia Likens in Indianapolis, 1965–on record.  So, from the beginning, while I felt a sort of uneasiness about creating a graphic novel based partly on the case, I was also intrigued at the notion of sort of “rewriting history” to give the sad tale a more satisfactory ending. 

I approached the work the way I imagine most directors and screenwriters do their projects, especially as Echo Forest is in the Film in Print format.  I made notes on what I wanted to accomplish in creating the piece, then I made an outline from that, covering the whole story, scene by scene.  Now, I am writing the script for the story, and it will be on that script that I hang the digital photography (i.e., stock photos, photos of miniatures and sketches) which will really show the story’s events.  I’ve broken the process down into thirds…a third of the script is written, and I’ve collected pretty much all of the stock photography needed for this portion.  The process has been smooth and fun, despite the dark subject matter, and I really think I may have a powerful read when it’s put together. 

I do not intend to make Echo Forest available for profit; I’m not going to sell it on or anywhere else.  I will post the link to the blog that I will create specifically for it, in the Films in Print section and on my blogroll at right, for free viewing.  God forbid I should seek to gain by Sylvia’s pain.


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My three greatest inspirations as an artist are, in no particular order, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Alfred Hitchcock. Their films and their personal lives were the reason I started writing and creating back when I was a very lonely and misunderstood teenager. I am at present commencing to hammer out a career-primary or secondary-as an author/illustrator. I already have several books self-published and I've included links to where those are available. Thanks for stopping by! View all posts by RetroMan

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