GRYMWYCK Portion Two Progress

I’m about halfway through writing the text for the second installment of Grymwyck, which I’ve decided to title Preparing for the Sojourn.  In this segment, Belinda Nathan goes back to her hometown of Hastings, Ohio (I’ve given the locale an actual setting) to get her belongings stored and packed for her move to Grymwyck.  Much of this first half has been devoted to character development for Belinda, focusing on her thoughts and memories of her deceased parents and her former boyfriend, Sean Fellowes, who runs into her unexpectedly in Hastings.  The writing so far has gone smoothly and quickly.  My main concerns are plausibility and consistency in the story.  With the shadow of the supernatural falling throughout, I hope to present as much logic for the characters’ actions and the various events as possible.  I suppose that will make the end effect all that much stronger.

I withdrew the first book, or pilot for the series, Arrival, temporarily to make some changes and revisions.  I wasn’t happy with the layout, for one thing.  Too bad my friend Joe already bought a copy; the updated version is much better to look at visually, with the photographs “wrapped” by the text.  I redid the layouts this way on all my other projects as well, last week, and even updated and republished Dot’s Journey.  Call me obsessive-compulsive, but I just like the knowledge that all my projects are in the same format.  Consistency, you know.

I also made out an extensive, detailed timeline for all my writing/art projects, beginning at present, in November 2009 and ending in February 2011.  Everything in this current “season” is listed and scheduled as far as when I will write this chapter or begin that photo shoot.  This has made it much easier for me to concentrate, one month or week at a time, on what needs to be done for which story. 

I’m pleased with my progress so far…Grymwyck–Arrival will be republished next week, and I’m about halfway through both Grymwyck–Preparing…Sojourn and WeeWee and Somebody.  I aim to self-publish WW&S by my birthday, 2010, and Preparing/Sojourn on the first of next year (2011) along with Echo Forest, which I plan to start on in April 2010.


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